improve and empower your ability to reflect and to manage the work you do in daily life

The aim of our supervision services are to improve and empower your ability to reflect and to manage the work you do in daily life. The aim of our coaching service is to develop new dialogues that open up actions pointing to the future.


We support professionals in establishing more efficient, resourceful, focused, respectful, reflexive, creative, co-operative and coherent ways to go on in their work with new energy, focus, hope and visions.

  • Structured supervision with learning goals, evaluation and contracts
  • Case oriented consultations: Individually or in groups of professionals
  • Supervision courses designed to fit your special needs and wishes and to ensure the professional development of your staff
  • Individually designed supervision training programmes for professionals from all services that deal with people in public or private services and institutions
  • Team training to improve and empower your existing supervision skills –
  • Workshops and seminars on the various subjects of supervision and clinical psychology: The various approaches to supervision, the history of supervision, the various contexts of supervision, and the various ways of doing supervision in practice. Workshops and seminar are open or specially designed for particular groups of professionals


We offer services which aim to support peoples competences and empower them to get on with the different challenges and developments they face in life and in work. We work to find ways of encouraging people to manage complexity, patterns of actions and beliefs within the systems and situations they live in.

To ensure a high standard of supervision and coaching services, we make sure to be inspired by the latest academic know-how within the fields of supervision, consultation, professional learning, feedback, assessment and evaluation approaches and techniques, and


  • Systemic theories and approaches
  • Evaluation and assessment approaches
  • Language, process and communication psychology
  • Developmental psychology issues
  • Positive resource focused psychology
  • Psychodynamic theories and approaches
  • Neuro psychology approaches
  • Pedagogical (learning) psychology
  • Personal psychology
  • Social and cultural psychology