Our goal is to support you in gaining a better understanding of the situation you have asked us to work with and to create new and useful ways for you to proceed

In providing a consultation or coaching service it is our aim to assist you in gaining a greater understanding of the circumstances you have asked us to work with and co-create new and positive ways of enabling you to know how to go on. We focus our attention on you our client and the conversations and happenings that are relevant to our meeting, aiming towards the future and empowering your practice. Examples of our consultant and coaching services are:


  • Extended support to all professionals working with difficult or impossible people within social services, mental health, health, schools and social marginalised groups etc.
  • Case management of special cases within mental health and social services for adults, teenagers and children with specific needs and/or symptomatic behaviour
  • Supervision and support settings to ensure specific or general learning and approach development
  • Individually designed training programmes for professionals from all services that deal with the care and treatment of people in public or private services and institutions
  • Internal courses designed to fit your special needs and wishes
  • Workshops and seminars: Open or specially designed for particular groups of professionals
  • Professional development programs for your staff
  • Team training